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Fambridge Half Iron 2015I took up triathlon as my major sport after a really serious road accident in 2008. I fractured my pelvis in 5 places, was non weight bearing for 2 months and took about a year to be able to walk properly again – prior to this I had been a really active road runner and completed several marathons but after the accident found I just couldn’t do so much road running. I used to cycle to work and have always swam so triathlon was a natural fit.

In 2011 I completed my first sprint tri in Henley with a friend and also took part in the annual Dunmow sprint triathlon which I have completed every year since.

I found triathlon training really suited me and carried on doing sprint distance events in 2012, by 2013 I wanted to push myself a bit more and completed my first open water ‘challenge distance’ event in Eaton Dorney. 2014 saw me complete 2 more standard distance events in Gosfield and St Neots as well as my annual appearance in Dunmow. In 2015 I took on a local half iron man event in Fambridge in Essex

I have always been a member of Grange Farm and Dunmow Runners and at the start of 2016 they linked up with the Dunmow Tri club so the runners can join the tri clubs swimming sessions and tri members can join the Grange run training. I have been attending the Tri swim sessions regularly throughout 2016 and have achieved some of my best times in standard and sprint events this year.

Cambridge Tri saw me achieve my best times in a standard distance event:

Bike: 1:36:51   |    Run 0:58:01   |   Total 3:13:37

I have now completed 23 triathlon or duathlon events and feel fitter than ever. I really enjoy the camaraderie of training with both the Dunmow tri members and Grange runners.

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