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Monday – Swimming at Great Dunmow Leisure Centre, 8pm – 9pm

Icon - SwimPool swimming: a one hour training session at Dunmow Leisure Centre taken by a BT (British Triathlon) coach.  We have use of the whole pool which means we can work with swimmers at all levels. The sessions cater for ability levels from novice swimmers right up to advanced athletes.  The emphasis of the training is a mixture of technique and speed/stamina work depending on where we are in the season.


Wednesday – Run training in Dunmow starting 7.30pm at Great Dunmow Leisure Centre

Icon - RunRunning We link up with Grange Farm and Dunmow runners training nights. 7.30pm at Great Dunmow Leisure Centre for a 1 hour session. Sessions rotate between structured interval and hill training sessions and once a month there is a timed run, 2.4 miles in the winter and 5 miles in the summer.


Weekend - Group bike rides

Icon - BikeCycling: Every week, 9am from the Leisure Centre. The routes are published in advance of the session on facebook and are designed that members who want to complete shorter distances can peel of early. In the warmer months there are two groups.


Open water swimming: during the open water season (April to September) there are swimming sessions at Gosfield Lake, Tri Farm in Chelmsford or Redricks Lake in Sawbridgeworth. 
Often members will follow sessions with a bike ride if you want to join this as well.

Members often train together outside of these sessions also.

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Shaun Woodley -
I'm originally from a competitive swimming background, swimming at county and club level & county champion at the age of seventeen. I joined Dunmow in 2010 and have competed in sprint distance up to ironman. I am a BTF Level 2 coach and have had some Head Coach training. My aim is to share my knowledge and experiences with all members new and old and to help them achieve their goals how ever small or large they maybe.

Dunmow Tri Coach Phil Curran - 
After coming from a rugby background and totally changing my body shape – losing 3 stones in weight I have been competing in triathlons now for over 10 years – from sprint distance to ironman. I have been a qualified coach at Dunmow for the past 8 years to BTF Level 2 and have enjoyed every moment especially helping novices achieve their ambitions within the sport.
Dunmow Tri Coach Rob Newman - 
Rob started doing Triathlon 8 years ago after a life of Football, Rugby, Tennis & Squash.

He is proud to be a founder-member of the club. He is a BTF Level 1 Coach.



Keith Taylor - 
Having played football from the moment I could kick a ball till my early thirties (my knees telling me enough is enough !! ) I then looked for something else to keep fit and to fulfil my competitive edge, I took up running joining Witham running club in 1998. A member of Witham RC introduced me to triathlon in 2006 my first tri being the Braintree Sprint Distance, I loved competing in the 3 disciplines and have now competed in all distances including ironman in 2009. I joined Dunmow in 2008, I enjoy the friendly club and have learnt from the many experienced triathletes, I now feel it is time to give something back and am enjoying this new role in coaching others at Dunmow tri club.